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  • Students with better cognitive abilities and self-confidence perform better in academics.
  • Students when engaged in personalized learning activities become naturally inclined to academics.
  • Early identification of cognitive abilities and learning nature of students can help improve their self-confidence & academic engagement.
  • Cognitive abilities of students improve significantly when complementary pedagogy is delivered around their natural ability and strength areas.
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We research, develop & offer the world’s most advanced solutions to identify & build the true potential of humans

An online cognitive assessment is conducted to find out your child’s talent, core mental abilities, strengths & skill set. It tests your child’s IQ, focus, speed, creativity & learning style.

As a parent, you get many priceless insights about your child’s real learning nature. Based on the test analysis, you get personalized activities, worksheets, unique experimental tasks, guidance, and recommendations for your child.

Your child becomes a quick learner and a better student. It significantly improves mental processing, creativity, innovation, logical skills, speed, vocabulary, communication, confidence, writing & reading skills. It boosts your child’s natural ability, drastically.

Parenting made powerful, scientific, and futuristic
Unlock is the world’s most advanced parenting platform to build the true potential of every child. Unlock makes your parenting scientific, futuristic & visionary. Unlock captures complete learning of your child and offers customized activities & solutions. It’s Amazing!

Busy, smart & positive mindset can do wonders.

An amazing platform for parents and kids. Make your kids talented. Keep them busy & motivated in experiments, activities & competitions. It improves confidence and skills like reading, writing, communication, creativity, and discipline.

It reduces tv-mobile addiction. Helps reduce anxiety, depression, and stress.

30 Creative Competitions per month.

Participate in drawing, dialogue writing, acting, comedy, cooking, math, music, singing, history, geography, gk, and many such categories that are interesting & creative.

How to Participate?

Register your child on our platform. You get a dashboard. On your dashboard, 30 different competition categories are given. Under every category, 1 topic is given to perform at home & submit.

Big Benefits

It develops basic learning skills & improves the writing, reading, speaking, self-confidence, IQ,
focus & concentration of kids. It eliminates their Tv-Mobile addiction & reduces hyperactivity.
Keeps them motivated.

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