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About Us

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Saksham Academy is a body run by Dashrathpuri Jankalyan Samiti directly benefitting the children and their families, through many existing welfare projects on education, performing arts, livelihood and women empowerment. Education is the most authoritative means for social transformation. But child education cannot be done in isolation. We at Dashrathpuri try to reach those underprivileged and drop-out cases and make them aware about their rights and provide them a skill so that they can face the challenges and above all it can make them independent… When children from different backgrounds and cultures come together to put on a production, they learn to work together, develop an understanding and tolerance of different ideas and attitudes and a greater awareness and understanding of the world around them.

Perhaps most importantly, Performing Arts allow children to be playful and creative. To explore their curiosity and try out new things, and new ways of thinking or behaving. The founders of Saksham Academy realised that performing arts is a very costly affair in our society. Considering this, they have decided to open a performing arts academy, so that people can get good and trained coaches at reasonable cost and students can pursue their hobbies and interest without any financial barrier.

The Nav Bharat Public School (run by Dashrathpuri Jankalyan Samiti) also plays its part in allowing its facilities to be used by Saksham Academy out of school hours, which is a great way of supporting the wider community. School halls are usually the places used for hosting performances and events.

Saksham Academy offers Fee concession for BPL (Below poverty Line) category – If a student is having the talent and passion, he/she would be given sponsorship. The school can also play its part in allowing its facilities to be used by other organisations out of school hours, which is a great way of raising funds for the school as well as supporting the wider community.

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Usha Bhutani
Usha Bhutani
Yoga Teacher
Gurpreet Kaur
Fine Arts Teacher
Amarjeet Kaur
Amarjeet Kaur
Bharatanatyam Teacher
Calligraphy Teacher
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  • Study with Grooming
  • Precise & planned courses
  • Creative Problem Solving
Study with Grooming
At Saksham Academy we believe that Performing Arts play a hugely significant role in helping children to develop their creative skills. Educational theorists are increasingly emphasising the importance of “emotional intelligence”, developing a creative mind and fostering personalities and imaginations as children make their journey through school, to become happy and well-versed individuals.
  • Performing Arts allow children to develop creative passions.
  • Communication skills, helps them to communicate effectively with confidence.
  • Performing Arts are all about self-expression, exploring alternative options and embracing individuality.
  • Performing Arts can enjoy improved performance in more traditionally academic subject such as mathematics and English.
  • They can embrace all subject disciplines as well as social activities, and because of the confidence and communication skills that they equip children with, children become empowered in whatever career path they decide to follow as they become adults.
Precise & planned courses
They can explore so as to better understand ideas and concepts, and try out different points of view. It’s an opportunity to recreate and re-enact situations using different perspectives to reach conclusions. Through dance performances, musical concerts, fine arts, instrumental music and events, children have an opportunity to showcase their talents and develop their confidence through public performance.
  • Indoor Performing Arts: Dancing and singing requires a lot of physical movement too and energy and dancing is one of the best ways of getting fit, burning off calories and developing muscle control and stability. Playing musical instruments builds fine motor skills and requires physical control and stamina, whether through controlled breathing, or dexterity and strength in manipulating the instruments.
  • Outdoor Performing Arts: Improving Fitness and Reducing Stress and Anxiety thinking of that along with indoor performing arts we at Saksham introduced Taekwondo and Yoga too. Anything that gets children up and about and moving around is good for them, and especially if this involves being outside in the fresh air! All Performing Arts involve physical exercise in one way or another.
Creative Problem Solving
A study in 2012 reported that children who learn how to work individually through Performing Arts, refining their performance skills, tend to perform better across the board and can enjoy better academic performance. Whether or not children decide to go on to pursue Performing Arts professionally, participating in drama and music lessons and activities can help them to develop life skills that are a growing necessity in the modern workplace.
  • Performing Arts inspire creativity, an increasingly valued skill in most workplaces.
  • Performing Arts can be used to teach children respect for others and how to respond to others in a manner which is helpful rather than hurtful.
  • This can be done not just through follower/teacher interactions, but as between peer groups as well.
  • Performing Arts teach children never to give up, that they can achieve their own goals if they want to, and flourish.
  • We have designed a unique range of Performance Stages to enhance children’s learning experiences and boost Performing Arts lessons in our academy.