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Fine Arts course

Fine art involves creative expression, and it doesn’t have to be beautiful. It might convey an idea or an emotion or explore social commentary. Some fine art is two-dimensional. The most basic is drawing, or the idea of using a tool like a pencil, pen, or charcoal to create lines or shadows, a practice fundamental to many other kinds of fine art. Another type of two-dimensional fine art is painting, which includes mediums like watercolor, oil, and acrylics. A painting may be created on a wooden panel, a canvas, or almost any other surface, the arts are not only a cultural outlet, but they also help in a child’s early development. Motor skills are an ability everyone must acquire. Allowing a child to engage in an activity such as art, gives that child a head start, they will learn to use a pencil, markers, paints, paintbrushes, scissors, and any other tool that you choose to introduce to them. They’ll be able to learn to use them correctly and safely, fostering them to be neat, responsible, and safe in the future. 

Fine Arts
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An instructor of Fine Arts at Saksham Academy, is a woman who has spent more than 8 years of her life in developing pronounced interest in youth for fine art as a trainer. She has completed 4th year senior diploma from prayaag Sangeet samiti.