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Kids these days are busy. They go to school all day, have extracurriculars and homework in the evenings, family time and more extracurriculars on the weekends. Practicing yoga is important for kids for many of the same reasons it is important for adults. Yoga helps kids to relax, relieve stress and anxiety, sleep better, improve emotional regulation, increase empathy, and improve mood and affect.

For kids, however, stress is something they are only just learning about, and they often don’t know what it is or how to handle it. It’s up to us to provide them with effective and appropriate tools to help them manage their emotions.  Aren’t sure about yoga for kids? Check out these Common Myths About Kids Yoga to help you learn more about what kids’ yoga really is!

Here Are 9 Amazing Benefits of Yoga for Kids:

  • Yoga Improves Memory and Cognitive Functioning.
  • Yoga Improves Social Relationships.
  • Yoga Improves Sleep.
  • Yoga Improves Strength and Breath Control.
  • Yoga Increases Determination and Perseverance.
  • Yoga Improves Self-Regulation.
  • Yoga Improves Independence and Coping Skills.
  • Yoga Improves Mood.
  • Yoga Reduces Stress and Anxiety.
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Ms. Usha Bhutani is an extraordinary teacher. She has years and years of experience with teaching this profound art of yoga to the masses. She is an experienced and incredible Yoga instructor with various recognitions across India.