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Calligraphy is derived from the Greek word kallòsgrafó. Wherein, kallos means to write and graft means to beautify. So eventually, calligraphy means to beautify your writing. It is a commonly perceived notion that calligraphy is hard to learn and master but that is a myth.  People from all over the world are mastering this art of giving life to alphabets and words. Not only people but especially, kids have started their own companies and have been mastering this form of therapeutic art. Many arts including calligraphy are told to be a kind of stress buster and are activities that help children to focus and to be more productive overall. It is not an art which requires a lot of training, that is why there are “calligraphy workshops” provided and not monthly courses. But it is to note that these workshops are highly interactive and help children to pursue this art at various stages, that is, “Basic”, “Intermediate” and “Advanced”, and this art does not require a lot of money. A child’s writing can also be improved during this course. Another advantage of learning calligraphy is having the capacity to send lovely snail mail, impress people as well.

calligraphy course
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Ms. Jahnavi is an extraordinary teacher. She has a lot of experience with teaching this profound art to the masses. She is a skilled calligraphist and truly, an astounding trainer.