Taekwondo course

Taekwondo develops your child’s athletic abilities and self-awareness and improves the child’s capabilities in self-defense. Taekwondo emphasizes moral development as well. Children learn respect for themselves and others, heightened concentration, and increased self-discipline and self-restraint.

The benefits of Taekwondo training will help children boost their self-esteem and control, help them in social situations, keep them active and more physically fit, have and show respect for others, teach them the lessons learned from failing, give them goals to shoot for as well better focus and last but not least shows them how to work with others. Those are just some of the many benefits kids learn when they start training in Taekwondo and as you see, go well beyond being taught how to defend oneself. No martial art is comprehensive or all-encompassing, but some martial arts offer more rounded schooling than others.

Whether your kid is too bossy, too shy, or perhaps just a little hyper, Taekwondo can help your child learn many important life lessons and, of course, those same lessons apply for all of us, not just kids.

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Class Teachers

Mr. Narender Nath Sharma is a prominent trainer. He has years and years of experience with teaching this profound art of taekwondo to the masses. He is a skilled coach with various recognitions across India. He is truly, a wonderful coach.