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Kathak is the major classical dance form of nor­thern India. The word kathak means “to tell a story”. It is der­ived from the dance dramas of ancient India. When the patronage shifted from the temples to the royal court, there was a change in the overall emphasis. The emphasis shifted from the telling of re­li­gious stories to one of enter­tain­ment. Today, the story-telling aspect has been downgraded and the dance is primarily an abs­tract exploration of rhythm and move­ment.

Kathak is a classical dance style which is originated in Northern India. The word Kathak is derived from Katha, meaning “a story”, and hence the word Kathak means a storyteller. Kathak dance is a unique blend of the ancient with the modern and offers scope for creativity. It means emotive storytelling through hands and facial expressions. Kathak has a divine beauty of yoga and mudras. It’s uniqueness for its footwork and circles (spins) whilst providing exercise to the whole body and mind. As such a dance form which in the ancient times was used to impart information, education, and entertain. In modern times Katha has not only retained most of its ancient allure but is becoming increasingly relevant in our busy world, previously limited to a domain of few but now revealing its secrets to us. Kathak provides exercise for your body, improves focus, stimulates the brain, enables expression of feelings within, disciplines, motivates, reduces stress.

The Kathak classes are for all ages (from 5 years+) where students will get to learn basic fundamentals of Kathak and understand the elements of storytelling and music expressed through expressions and body movements. Come let Kathak take you on this rhythmic journey, in the midst of ‘Ghugaroo’ (ankle bells) and music experiencing the inner peace.

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