Fusion of folk & fitness

Fusion of folk & fitness course

Our country is a combination of diverse beliefs and ethnicities. With its rich and expanded culture and tradition, India is a country where festivity is an integral part of the lives of the people. We Indians love to celebrate and so be it any occasion- marriages, festivals, or the arrival of seasons; we find a way to celebrate it with various dance forms. Fusion OF Folk and Fitness is an innovative and composed workout routine blended with a tinge of ethnicity that celebrates the zest of traditional India. Fusion OF Folk and Fitness is an ideal fusion of cultural gems from all parts of the country with the science of Fitness Management to attain Holistic Fitness of Body, Mind and Soul… It is an exceptional extraordinary program designed for people of all ages, backgrounds, and fitness levels seeking cardiac strength, stamina and agility exercise. Being firmly rooted in India’s rich culture of folk dance, Fusion OF Folk and Fitness stands apart and upright from all the other fitness programs. Drawing upon countless dances that have been performed in the land for centuries, Folk Fitness promises to enhance the general well-being and fitness of all who join.

Fusion of folk fitness
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Ms. Amarjeet Kaur is an extraordinary teacher. She has years and years of experience with teaching this passionate art to the masses. She is a skilful dancer with various recognitions from corner to corner. She is really, an astounding teacher.