Personality Development

Personality Development course

Human development courses are included in Personality Development programs. They focus on the development of a child’s personality as he or she progresses from infancy through early and later childhood. Topics include temperament, capacity to learn, family bonding, language and peer group relationships. This course polishes & improves your presentation & communication skills too. The course will help you groom your personality & deal with people effectively. During the course, you will also receive focused guidance on persona management, grooming, health & nutrition, and soft skills.

Our Curriculum includes:

  • Beginners English
  • Beginners Computers
  • Grooming skills

Here are the Top 12 Most Important topics on which we will work while teaching “Grooming skills”:

  • Confidence
  • Career
  • Motivation
  • Communication (Listening, Public Speaking, Presenting)
  • Strengths / Weaknesses
  • Self-Understanding
  • Leadership
  • Optimism / Positivity / Happiness
  • Efficiency
  • Families / Parenting / Relationships
  • Purpose / Passion / Vision
  • Assertiveness / Attitude

Personality Development
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